Synonyms for Performance and Quality

In order to fulfill our high performance requirements, highly trained staff conducts complex development projects and trials. In addition extensive quality inspections on raw materials and final products ensure the high quality level of DYNOS® and DYNAL® products. Through intense inspection we are in the position to provide our customers with the agreed properties.

Solid Structure and multiple use

DYNOS® and DYNAL® Vulcanized Fibres are high strength, horn-like materials, which can be processed excellently. Due to their resilient and extremely tear resistant nature they can be processed as follows: sawing, cutting, milling, punching, grinding, shaping, bending, deep-drawing, glueing or painting.

Multiple spectrum of performance

The multiple use of DYNOS® and DYNAL® Vulcanized Fibre is related to their low specific weight, their stability, their electric properties, their applicability in a wide range of temperatures and their easy processability.

General Properties of DYNOS® and DYNAL® Vulcanized Fibre

  • Character

    • Different colours available
    • Large thickness range (0,40 – 1,60 mm)
  • Structure

    • High strength and horn-like
    • Low specific weight
    • Dense fibre structure
  • Mechanical Properties

    • High integrity
    • High elastic modulus
    • High mechanical capacity 
    • High wear and abrasive resistance
  • Physical Properties

    • Low heat conductivity
    • Flame retardant
    • High flashing point
  • Chemical Behaviour

    • High resistance towards organic solvents
    • pH neutral
    • Good reconditioning without loss of integrity
  • Electrical Properties

    • High punching resistance
    • High surface resistance
    • Antistatic
    • Spark extinguishing
    • Execellent electrical insulation
  • Processing

    • High capacity
    • Good temperature resistance
    • Easy to coat and glue
    • Good deep drawability
    • No splinting or breaking edges
  • Environmental Properties

    • Low ash content
    • Biodegradable raw material cellulose
    • Compostable
    • Usable as energy carrier
    • Renewable raw material (cotton)