Vulcanized Fibre is widely used as a technical material. In recent past the product returned to awareness as Vulcanized Fibre is produced environmentally friendly from renewable sources as well as recycled materials and is easy to disposed after usage.

DYNOS Technical Vulcanized Fibre is divided into two types of materials:

  • DYNOS® T: Vulcanized Fibre for general technical and mechanical purposes according DIN 7737 Vf. 3111
  • DYNOS® E: Vulcanized Fibre for electrical applications according DIN 7737 Type Vf. 3121

Those types of Vulcanized Fibre are produced from highest quality natural raw materials, the production process is supervised according to most modern technology. The final product is tested by our QC department according to internal guidelines and against customer specifications. 

Thus, we are constantly in the position to grant all required physical and electrical requirements.

DYNOS® can be bent and punched easily. DYNOS® E and DYNOS® T are available in rolls and sheets. Material thicknesses from 0,40  to 1,60 mm and a broad range of colors allow a usage in multiple applications.