ABRASIVE MARKET – Base for perfect grinding

DYNOS® and DYNAL® Vulcanized Fibre fulfill the highest standards for quality and safety which are imposed by the abrasive industry on the carrier Vulcanized Fibre. Both Vulcanized Fibre products represent the perfect basis for grinding of a broad variety of materials such as steel, wood or stone.
DYNOS® – the quality for supreme performance
DYNAL® – a modified quality with good performance expanding the range of applications for Fibre

The quality products are used as the base for the production of high-performance grinding discs – so called fibre discs. Those abrasive tools consist of Vulcanized Fibre as the carrier, an adhesive agent made from duroplastic synthetic resin and abrasive grain (e.g. ceramics or aluminum oxide) – used for surface grinding applications. The fibre takes a huge responsibility within the abrasive disc as it has to absorb the forces which result from the rotation without bursting. 

DYNOS® and DYNAL® Abrasive Fibres fulfill minimum standards of quality given by FEPA (Federation Europeenne des Fabricants de Produits Abrasifs). This quality specification includes definition, material description, minimum requirements, testing procedures and storage condition. 

Special attributes of the product- and delivery-quality of DYNOS® and DYNAL® abrasives are:

  • high tensile strength in cross direction
  • excellent ply adhesion avoiding tearing and breaking out of grain
  • high temperature resistance in process and grinding in order to avoid degradation
  • smooth surface and flat sheeting
  • simple processing through well and evenly wound rolls

Quality assurance testing lab is directly allocated to the management board. Through purposeful sampling production is permanently supervised by a documented system of qualtiy control plans. Special focus is targeted on the following physical values:

  • thickness
  • area weight
  • tensile strength
  • ply adhesion

On special request we can conduct customer-specific test procedures. Values are shared with the customers by inspection certificates. 


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